In-application runtime security

With Cisco Secure Application, protect your organization and your users from attacks and vulnerabilities with unified business performance and security observability.

Build business resiliency into your apps

Protect your applications from the inside out. From mainframes to microservices, Cisco Secure Application detects threats continuously and defends your business against attacks in real time.

Identify and block threats to keep your business safe

Protect your applications and correlate app performance and security insights without overhead or friction.

  • Unlock cloud application security insights without deploying an agent and get everyone on the same page to act decisively.

  • Detect application code dependency and configuration-level security vulnerabilities in production with automatic runtime protection.
  • Continuously monitor vulnerabilities to find and block exploits automatically, maximizing speed and uptime while minimizing risk.

Prioritize response by business impact

With combined application and security monitoring, see clearly how vulnerabilities and incidents may impact the business to strategically prioritize your resources and responses.

  • Automatically detect and resolve issues across your entire technology stack, including cloud native microservices, Kubernetes containers, multi-cloud environments or mainframe data centers.

  • Correlate security details with application topologies for unified visibility into the impacted service area, helping teams focus on incidents that matter most.

  • Break down silos with a unified context between AppOps and SecOps to focus everyone on what the business needs.

Prevent breaches with RASP

Cisco Secure Application is the Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution for modern applications, keeping both your users and your digital business happy by defending against attacks to prevent breaches.

  • Protect application communications without additional firewalls or proxies.

  • Automatically block threats in real-time to safeguard customer data, organizational IP and your brand equity.

  • Simplify the life cycle of vulnerability fixes and see what is happening inside the code to prevent known exploits.

Security Layer Network Layer Infrastructure Layer Application Layer User Layer Business Layer Top Layer

Explore full-stack observability:

Make every tech decision a business decision

Correlate full stack performance with key business metrics like conversions and quickly resolve issues before they impact the bottom line.

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Deliver a flawless user experience

Visualize the digital experience between your users and your business and ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience at every touch point.

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Spot every application issue, on the spot

Pinpoint root causes of application problems in real time, from 3rd party APIs down to code level issues, so your IT teams can quickly identify what’s most affecting your key business metrics.

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Optimize your infrastructure

Visualize every component of your infrastructure — from server, to database, to hybrid and cloud native environments — supporting optimal application performance.

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Drive results across any network, anywhere

See the external networks your apps rely on to gather insights and quickly resolve issues with any ISP, SaaS, DNS or third-party provider.

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Secure your apps from the inside out

Detect application code and security vulnerabilities in minutes — not months — with unified business, performance and security insights.

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Learn about securing your apps from within

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What is application security?

Protect your information, application, and organization with a comprehensive application security strategy that includes APM.

Make app-first security a key part of your business observability platform

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